IB Result Analysis For M20

M20 IB Results Analysed To Help N20 And M21 Students Perform Better

13 OCT 2021
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M20 results have come as a shocker for everyone. Most of the IB students are disappoint while N20 and M21 batches are sacred for their results. This article analyzes the results for the students who graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in May 2020. 

Before you begin reading this article, please note that this is but a commentary of the results. Not everything mentioned in this article is factually correct. Rather, it is more of an educated opinion.


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Interestingly enough, the IB results of M20 shows that the pass rate has increased as compared to 2019. There has been a 1.3% increase in the pass rate of candidates. This is little strange as most of the students felt that they were marked down. If that were true then the students who were already struggling with graduating should have been marked down too which should have resulted in a lower pass rate. Perhaps this is an indicator that the students who were lagging behind in their studies benefitted more from the cancellation of exams as compared to the ones who were doing well throughout.


Another point to back the aforementioned assumption a drop in the number of candidates who got a 45. While more candidates passed the IBDP, only fewer candidates for a total score of 45 as compared to last year. However, IBO’s Statistical Bulletin for 2020 shows an increase in the percentage of candidates who got a 45. There has been a 0.27% increase in the number of candidates who took the IBDP examination and scored the perfect score of 45. However, as shown in the figure before, the total mean points for M20 graduates have dropped drastically! 




As stated above, the trend for the total point distribution for M20 IB students is still around 30 credit points. This indicates that the average of all the candidates taking the IBDP exam has stooped low due to the cancellation of M20 exams



All the stats provided in the IB Diploma Provisional Bulletin suggests that on a macroscopic level, the cancellation of exams has only hindered with the result of the students whose average trend was between 22-30 Credit points. The students who were outliers (that is the ones in the range of above 40 or below 20) have been rather benefitted. Perhaps the IBO examiners are sceptical while evaluating the 'average students.'


All in all, it has been made clear by IB that one’s coursework and Internal Assessments (IAs) are as important as the final exams. While the world is still uncertain about the influence of COVID-19 in the coming years, N20 and M21 students must focus on polishing their coursework with as much diligence as they prepare for their exams. Gone are the days when it was okay to slack off a little in your IAs because you thought of making it up in the final exams.


An important thing which one should be focusing on is keeping a high performance through your 2-year curriculum course. IB is focusing more on data analysis and mapping the performance trend of the students which gives them an insight into how the student has been performing throughout their course. This again means that you cannot rely upon last-minute preparations because if you mess up your routine exams, your performance trend is likely to go down and will affect your final IBDP credit points. 


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Another thing that N20 and M21 Students can learn while completing your assessments. Instead of thinking of your assessments as a separate part of the IBDP curriculum, think of them as the building blocks which will help you prepare for your exams. This way you will not slack off while writing them. As a consequence, you will be submitting high-quality assessments and will be preparing for your exams at the same time. In case IB decides on cancelling the exams again, your high-quality coursework and Internal Assessments will be there to save you from a bad grade. 

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Note: All the graphs used in this article has been taken from IBO’s Statistical Bulletin for 2020. 

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