The Art Of Bullshitting: Learn How To Write Academic Reports Like A Pro [E-BOOK] the art of bullshitting

IB guide which helps in IB Extended Essay & IB Internal Assessments

About the Guide

75% of IB Students Will Never Achieve An ‘A’ on Their Extended Essay Without The Right Help!

Sadly, 75% of IB Students will never get a good score on their Extended Essay or ANY OTHER IB ASSESSMENT. It’s not their fault.

They just don’t have enough experience in writing a compelling academic essay.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way For You Though

This guide shows you exactly how our subscribers got a 36/36 and how you can achieve the same result!

This Guide Reveals:

  1. The #1 reason why you can’t seem to write exceptional Extended Essay and Internal Assessments no matter how hard you try!

  2. Why you should never fall into the jargon of sophisticated English and what you should do to make your reports sound more academic

  3. The honest truth about writing excellent reports and why it can be easier than you ever imagined!

  4. The fundamentals of writing an outstanding Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, TOK Essay, etc

  5. The Art of structuring a high quality Extended Essay, Internal Assessments and TOK Essay

The Inability To Write Academically Make It Virtually Impossible For IB Students To Get A Good Grade On Their Extended Essay.

With this guide, find out the right writing style, which will help you create high-quality Extended Essay and Internal Assessments. Save yourself the agony of rewriting your assignments by using our blueprint. Are you ready to get an ‘A’ on your Extended Essay and Internal Assignments in the shortest time possible?

Write Quality IB Assignments In The First Attempt.

Get Instant Access To This State Of The Art IB Writing Guide Now!

About the Author

Aviral is best known for his Amazon Best Selling Book, The Canvas. He gives credit to the IB Program for honing his writing skills. His knack for academic writing helped him score a 36/36 on his Extended Essay! In this guide, he reveals his trait secrets which will help you replicate the same results and bring you one step closer to that perfect 45!

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