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This IB Math AI SL Bundle Includes An Ever Updating Video Course & IB Resource Library.

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Level of IB Business Management HL
11 IB Mathematics AI SL Files
Your Course Instructor
Adam Nazha

🤯  45/45 in IBDP

😮  7/7 in Further Mathematics HL! 

😍  Winner of the Trinity IB Mathematics Award

💻  4+ Years of IB Tutoring Experience

❤️  Currently Studying Doctor & Medical Science @ The University of Sydney #USYDLove

Course Content
Let's Multiply It Again - Exponential Rules
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes
Those Are Some Big Numbers - Scientific Notation
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes
Lots Of Squaring - The Pythagorean Theorem
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes
SohCahToa! - Trigonometric Ratios
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes
Angles Of An IB Student - Angles Of Depression & Elevation
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes
They're Round Now - Arc Length
20 MAR 2021
locked IB notes

PLEASE READ THIS - We don't usually discount our products. However, as the course is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT, you can get early access at a discounted price. 5-7 hours of video content will be uploaded every month until the whole course is completed, subscribe now and get access to IB resources and video content that is not available anywhere on the internet!


Are you an IB Math AI SL student, clueless about what the subject covers and how to go about studying it? 


Has the massive change in the course structure gotten you panicking like crazy? 


If you think you're in urgent need of help with your Math troubles, this course is all that you need.  


This specially curated Math AI SL course is a first of its kind video course that gets you quality guidance and assistance right at the comfort of your home! 


Nail your IB Math AI SL prep with this comprehensive video course on Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL. 

  • Learn about the changes in the structure, syllabus and course outline of IB Math in detail. 
  • Build a strong foundation of Math AI SL concepts right from scratch.
  • Understand the paper outline, paper pattern and assessment objectives with every lesson. 
  • Get access to premium IB Math AI SL notes, presentations used in the lessons and past years’ papers. 
  • Create your Internal Assessment on the go by referring to the How-To Guides and examples included.
  • Improve your confidence in the subject by learning with an expert instructor at your own pace. 


This course has been designed keeping in mind how IB Math AI SL focuses on the application of concepts learnt in class to various fields in the world. 


With this course we offer you

  • Extended breakdown of the IB Math AI SL syllabus and assessment objectives.
  • Expert mentoring and support from a 45/45 IB Diploma Score achiever with a star record. 
  • Emphasis on application-based learning and support for the internally assessed exploration task. 
  • Premium notes and top recommendations of resources. 


Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation as a subject revolves around the practical implementation of Mathematical concepts. It finds a strong base in distribution and statistics and is aimed at serving you well in the long run, no matter which career path you choose. It, therefore, makes sense to get guidance from someone who has learnt these Math concepts with a mindset like yours and someone who would help you understand the same better! 


Adam Nazha, your instructor for this course scored a whopping 45/45 in his IB Diploma in 2018 and has numerous academic awards under his belt! Having aced his Further Mathematics HL during graduation, Adam is highly equipped to deliver Math concepts in an extremely student-friendly manner. With an impressive record of tutoring students right from age 6 to 18, you can rest assured that on enrolling yourself for this course you are bound to ace your Math AI SL concepts! 


Course Overview


Here’s what you learn in this course 


The course begins with introducing you to the changes in the syllabus and course outline in IB Math(introduced in 2020) followed by an explanation of what IB expects of you and how this subject is set to help you in your career, be it in arts, social sciences, economics etc. 


Next, the course will build upon your Math basics relevant to the course so that you ace them on the fly. Adam will be sharing bonus points along with the comprehensive video lectures for each topic. 


The course will emphasise more on the application of Statistics, Distribution and Models instead of Calculus and Algebra in general thereby making it less theory focused and more practical based. 


At the end of this course, not only will you be confident in your Math AI concepts, but will also be able to ace your exams and eventually feel a sense of accomplishment for your career. 

This course is suitable for you if,

  • you’re a beginner in the IB Math AI SL journey(1st or 2nd-year student) 

  • you’re a Pre IB student

  • you’re looking for limited yet relevant Math knowledge in the context of your career path

  • you're someone with a strong passion for Maths :)

ib math ai sl
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