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Paulomi Ch.

🧠 IB Examiner 

🧠 Bachelors & Masters In Psychology

🧠 Certified IB Professional - TOK, Cat 1

🧠 Certified IB Professional - Psychology, Cat 1

🧠 7+ years of Teaching IB Psychology

Course Content

PLEASE READ THIS - We don't usually discount our products. However, as the course is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT, you can get early access at a discounted price. 5-7 hours of video content will be uploaded every month until the whole course is completed, subscribe now and get access to IB resources and video content that is not available anywhere on the internet!


No one's going to tell you and you probably know it already, there is minimal to no relevant content for IB Psychology HL available at one single place on the net. You can surf hundreds of websites for hours and lose all your enthusiasm by the end of it. 


We know how annoying it can be to study IB Psychology HL on your own. That's exactly why this comprehensive video course curated by expert Psychology IB DP instructors at Nail IB is your safe bet on the journey ahead. 


Hear us out and decide for yourself.


What this IB Psychology HL video course offers you:

  • Access to premium resources and past year's papers for an easy yet amazing IB Psychology HL experience 
  • Interesting, extensive video lectures from a certified IB Psychology examiner.  
  • Key points and tricks to be able to ace Psychology HL with this in-depth course taught by a highly qualified IB DP Instructor. 
  • Helps you get an edge in your school coursework/general Psychology knowledge space. 
  • How-To-Guides and examples included to help you with your internally assessed exploration. 
  • Tactics to structure precise answers for your exam.


Why learn with Paulomi Chaudhury? 

As an IB Psychology HL student, IB expects you to understand human behaviour in the context of research findings in much detail. Since that's a tad bit more than what's expected of your HL counterparts, your preparation and overall takeaway from the subject should be a level higher. Worry not, your instructor for this course will help you achieve exactly that. 


Paulomi is a certified IB Psychology Examiner with several years of experience teaching Psychology and Theory of Knowledge. Also a certified IBDP Professional for Psychology, she has been the HOD and faculty in the Psychology departments of various IB schools. With her expertise, not only will it become extremely easy for you to follow the lessons but also ace your exam prep and eventually land that perfect 7:) 


Course Overview

This course is designed keeping in mind all that you are expected to learn and apply studying IB Psychology HL. It will expand on the structure, syllabus and will recommend resources for your reference on the go. 


Here’s what you learn in this course - 

First things first, the course will give you a detailed curriculum model overview for the subject so that you are clear about all the technicalities. 


It will thereby tap in on the core concepts for the subject, gradually building and brushing up on your Psychology basics, namely- the biological, cognitive and sociocultural levels of analysis.


It will then help you explore diverse methods of psychological inquiry, help you understand qualitative research in psychology and much more. 


Throughout this comprehensive course, you get valuable tips and pointers from your IB Psychology HL Instructor, Paulomi Chaudhury,  who knows exactly what it takes for you to hit the nail on the head! With expert guidance, premium content and a seamless video course experience, trust us, that 7/7 isn't a far-fetched dream!


Still wondering if this course is the answer to your Psychology HL worries?


Stop wondering and start preparing like a pro to nail your IB Psychology HL exams!


Enrol today and get access to

  • Specially curated __ Video Lectures(_ hours of content) and premium notes for IB Psychology HL.
  • Guidance from a certified IB Psychology examiner. 
  • 50+ Past years’ papers


This course is suitable for you if,

  • you’re just starting with your Psychology journey(Pre IB), 
  • you’re a 1st or 2nd year IB DP Psychology HL student, 
  • you’re looking for an edge in the Psychology knowledge space or 
  • simply if you’re passionate about Psychology. 

ib psychology hl
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