What Is International Baccalaureate Doing For Graduates Of May 2021?

International Baccalaureate Has Made Some Major Adjustments For Graduates Of May 2020. Read This Article To Know 7 Things That Every IB Student Graduating In May 2020 Must Know!

13 OCT 2021
ib exams may 2021

International Baccalaureate (IB) is going beyond its comfort zone to compensate for COVID-19. The IB students who were supposed to graduate this May will be an exception!

Here are seven facts concerning graduating with an IB Diploma or Certificate in May 2020


  1. Calculation of the Results

  2. Can your School Still conduct exams?

  3. When will the results be published?

  4. Is this unfair to you?

  5. November 2020 Exams

  6. Refund of fees

  7. News for retakers of May 2020


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Calculation of the Results

With the cancellation of the exams, the International Baccalaureate has decided to change its way in awarding grades. Known for its rigorous grading system, IB has agreed to make performance in Internal Assessments (IAs) as the foundation of its grading process for the graduates of May 2020. 


However, it is little known that IB’s evaluation is not only limited to the IAs. Earlier IB used to ask all the affiliated schools to send in a few samples for moderation purposes. In the wake of COVID-19 crisis, it will scrutinise all of the individual school data. This means, instead of taking samples from the assessments usually marked internally by teachers, IB examiners will check all the work done by every student to award individual grade point. The evaluation of the students will also include their performance in the practice exams that were held over the course of two years. Predicted grades will be significantly more critical for the students graduating in May 2020. The final grades that the students get will be a reflection of their predicted grades in no small extent. It only seems fair as predicated grades were the last IB-related examination performance that the students demonstrated. 


Although IB is getting quite flexible given the current circumstances, it has abstained from changing the assignment criteria for all of the course work. Nor will it reduce the workload of the candidates. 


Note: Course work includes Internal Assessments, Group projects and any other assignments that you must submit for your IB Diploma.

Can your School Still conduct exams?

Everything is uncertain these days. While a majority of schools and colleges are shutting down, there are some regions which are coming back on track. This has made some institutes optimistic who are hoping that the situation will be under control by May. Does that mean that the May examinations can still take place if your school belongs to one of the recovering areas? Fortunately not. Since IB makes it a point to have a global standard for evaluating all of its students, it has reached a consensus that no school will be conducting exams for May 2020 regardless of the aftermath of this pandemic. 

When will the results be published?

Opting a different evaluation systems means uncertainty when it comes to publishing the final grades. It is being assumed that since IB has never cancelled their examination before, it may take them longer than usual to come up with the final results. It all depends on how quickly all the IB schools across the globe will submit the predicted grades and the course work required by IB to award grades. As far as IB’s official take is concerned, the organisation stays determined in releasing the grades by July 5, 2020, to the universities. They will be available to the students on July 6!

Is this unfair to you? 

COVID-19 is an unprecedented phenomenon that changed a lot of things around the world. For those who got an excellent predicted grade and managed to perform well in their Internal Assessments must be feeling relieved! The rest who stumbled along their way to completing their course and were looking forward to the cancelled exams as an opportunity to improve their IB score; might be in despair. It is a given fact that some students perform better under exam conditions than in their coursework. Keeping this in mind, IB has decided to do some serious data analysis. They will look for trends for each student. If the pattern suggests that a student has shown significantly better performance in the examination than in the coursework, then the final grade awarded will reflect the same. To do this, IB has announced that they will look closely on the relationship between coursework marks, predicted grades and the score awarded in mock exams pertaining to that subject.


Moreover, you can always apply for an Enquiry Upon Results (EUR) if you are unhappy with your results. This also allows the students to retake their exams in case the EUR does not play in their favour. The important thing is to make sure you complete all your course work in due time, that is, before the end of your academic year. If you are facing issues with completing the required course work because the closure of your school, then we suggest you to get it to touch with your DP coordinator as soon as possible, while it is important for you to submit all your coursework before the deadline allotted by your school, your school needs to upload all the submitted course work before the deadline of April 20, 2020, as granted by International Baccalaureate Organisation. Any delay in doing so might push the releasing date of grades beyond July 5, 2020.

November 2020 Exams

As of now, COVID-19 has had no impact on the November 2020 exams. The exams will take place as planned. For anyone who wishes to take the November 2020 exam in the wake of COVID-19 crisis might still be able to register. Even though the deadline has been officially closed, IB is considering to reopen registration. You should be aware of the opting to take the November exam might have you change your college plans. While the IBO is in constant touch with universities all across the globe, deferring to the November exam may mean putting off college for a few months!

Refund of fees

This unforeseen crisis has cut short the IB experience for everyone. Many students consider it only fair to have their fees refunded. IB is well aware of this common opinion and is ruminating on the same. There is a high possibility that some compensation might be provided to all those affected, but nothing is sure at the moment. For now, the organisation has kept providing grades to all of its students. 

News for retakers of May 2020

If you are one of those who had applied for an examination retake in May 2020, you will still be able to improve your grade. However, since the examinations have been cancelled, you will need to resubmit all of your course work and assignment. It should be noted that your course work and assignments of the previous year do not stand valid, and IB will not consider them for a reevaluation of your grade. 


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