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13 OCT 2021
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Preparing and revising for the International Baccalaureate Diploma is no cakewalk. One needs to have the best IB resources if one aims to get the perfect 45. Although the internet claims that many ib revision websites can help you out, most of them provide IB study material that is out of date and is no aid to the students. Moreover, the IB question bank that you find on most of these websites lacks the answer key. If not that then the notes available on these websites are so horrendously curated, making them redundant.


To help you achieve your goals and provide you with the best IB resources, let me walk you through Nail IB, which is not just another IB revision website.

Instead, it is your answer to your 2-year long dilemma of how to study for IB.


  1. IB Study Material

  2. IB Notes

  3. Theory Of Knowledge

  4. Internal Assessments

  5. Guides for Extended Essays

  6. IB Past Papers

  7. Nail IB’s Question Bank (Take A Test)

  8. Get that perfect 45


Before you go on reading the ways to revise for IB, check out this video that helps you do the same!



Nail IB’s Study Material

It not about getting enough study material to pass your IB exams. It is about getting the right study material at the right time, which helps you ace your IB exams. This is one of the many things that International Baccalaureate schools miss out on. With Nail IB, you can be assured of the IB study material that you will be getting. Not only will it decode the complex concepts of your tricky subjects, but it will also be customized to meet your exact needs. This means you no longer would have to waste your time surfing the internet looking for IB resources. Instead, the best IB resources will be served to you on a silver platter. Not to mention that these resources will be checked every month, making it a priority to keep them up to date and best for your utilization. 


Nail IB provides resources in the form of:

IB Notes

These notes are specific to a particular subject. What makes these notes different from other IB study material you find online is that all they are interactive. Students using them have an option to skip through the over common jargons that one needs to go through before getting the crux of a chapter. Moreover, at the end of each ‘Notes file’ is a test which the students can take. This test helps the students evaluate their knowledge of the subject. They also highlight the area of improvement that the student needs to focus on. Since everything is done online, a user can always return to their performance in the future and access the data of their past tests. Having such a feature in our files help the students to revise efficiently before the exams.

Subject Wise Theory Of Knowledge Help

It is common knowledge that the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) is one of the vaguest subjects that IB has to offer. Moreover, it is only rare for schools to have good enough ToK teachers that can help them understand this subject. The remedy for this is Nail IB’s subject-specific Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) notes which helps the students understand the relevance of ToK in that particular subject. Needless to mention that having such an insight plays a crucial role when preparing for and/or writing the ToK essay. Our subject-specific TOK files make it easy for the students to understand the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge and their relevance for every IB subject that they have opted for. 

Internal Assessment Examples

Surfing the internet for good IB IA examples is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is even harder to find an IA which is subject-specific and close to your topic for benchmarking purposes. With Nail IB, not only will you get a plethora of Internal Assessment but you will also find IAs which you can benchmark. This can be of immense help to curate your own. Furthermore, our state of the art user interface enables you to see the subtleties, which makes an IA of the top tier. You will not just be given a bad looking pdf file and be hung out to dry. You will get beautifully looking Internal Assessments that will show you the formula for writing a quality IA yourself.

Guides For Writing Extended Essay

When it comes to writing an Extended Essay, you want experienced people to show you the way. All the defaulters pay not only by submitting a lousy EE but by also wasting their time which they could have put in preparing for their exams. Nail IB provides extensive guides which break down the daunting process behind writing your EE. These guides are not only limited to writing a quality EE. We have guides for every subject. They help you write a good quality IA in those subjects. The combination of our guides and sample IA and EEs is the recipe for you to maintain a good GPA.

IB Past Papers 

It is no secret that one of the greatest weapons for getting a high IB score is having good quality IB past papers. The problem with finding past papers online is that most of the IB revision websites do not have a proper ‘bundle’ for these papers. In other words, you will literally have to scrap the internet to get what you want and even then your chances are slim. Would it not be a dream come true if there was a website that had a bunch of IB past papers for all the subjects that you have opted for? Well, Nail IB has diligently prepared student bundles for you which give you access to a colossal amount of IB past papers. Regardless of which subject you subscribe for, you will get an ample number of IB past papers that will help you sail through your Paper 1,2 (and 3 provided it is an HL subject). A cherry on the top with the past papers Nail IB provide is that they are fully automated. You read that right! We have designed a customized IB question Bank which we call ‘Take A Test’. Take A Test lets to practice these past paper interactively. 

Nail IB’s Question Bank (Take A Test)

‘What makes Take A Test different than any other question bank online,’ you must be wondering. For starters, your user experience while using our question bank will make your toes curl. Gone are the days of slow IB question banks which takes forever to load and make you check the answers manually. Take A Test makes practising fun. With a subscription with Nail IB, you get to practice all of these tests without any limit. These tests store the results online, which allows you to come back to review your performance whenever you want.


Most importantly, these tests are a fun way to go through IB past papers as it helps you avoid cross-checking answers every second. You get instant feedback at the end of the test. There is also a feature to retake the test immediately making your study time efficient and productive. Furthermore, these tests let you monitor your progress online.

Get That Perfect 45

Nail IB is much more than an IB revision website. It helps you hustle throughout your International Baccalaureate program. If you are really interested in making the best out of your time in IB, then you would want to familiarise yourself with the ways Nail IB can help. The website acts like your hustle partner on a subscription basis. To make this IB revision website highly customized, we provide Student Bundles for single subjects. Such a subscription allows you to enhance your performance in the subject you are struggling with the most. You can avoid spending money on unnecessary tools and get unlimited access to the best IB resources for a specific subject. However, if you are someone who wants to go the extra mile and equip yourself with IB study material for the entire International Baccalaureate Curriculum, then you are in luck. Nail IB offers ‘Topper’ as its premium IB resource. With a Topper subscription, you get IB study material for all your six subjects along with ToK outlines, guides, Extended Essay help and an ample number of Internal Assessment examples. Not to mention that since Topper is an amalgamation of the best IB resources that we have, you get access to our top tier discount and get access to everything mentioned above at a steal. To give you a taste of our full course meal here are some free IB resources which will provide you with a gist of how to revise for IB with Nail IB. You can use these Sample IAs with examiner’s comments for over 14 IB subjects. 



These subjects include BiologyPhysicsHistoryChemistryEconomicsGeography

MathematicsBusiness, etc. Refer to them before submitting your final course work to make sure you get a good grade!

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