How To Study For IB Spanish Exam

Learn How To Prepare For IB Spanish Exam.

13 OCT 2021
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Acquisition of a language can be tedious. What comes naturally to the natives might require you hours to wrap your head around. IB's objective of a language course is to make you receptive, productive and interactive in that language.

Here are some ways which will not only let you achieve IB standard language skills but will also allow you to study for your IB Spanish exam


  1. Understanding The Fast Track For IB Spanish

  2. Read Articles To Be Eloquent In IB Spanish

  3. Netflix And Songs For IB Spanish?

  4. Get a Buddy For IB Spanish

  5. Write To Improve Your IB Spanish

  6. Use The Right Resources For IB Spanish


Before you dive into reading this article, have a look into an IB Spanish classroom. 

Understanding The Fast Track For IB Spanish

There is always an efficient way to achieve a task. The same goes for language acquisition. If you are struggling with Spanish, the first thing you need to do is learn common 1000 Spanish words. Having this database at the back of your head will not only act as a foundation for enhancing your Spanish skills but will also allow you to start putting these words into context. Like any language, every word has a different meaning depending on the way it is used. Although you will learn 1000 Spanish words, you will gain the possibility of expressing yourself in many ways based on those 1000 words. The 80-20 rule also backs this theory. 80-20 rule states that 80 per cent of the outcome is a direct result of 20 per cent of the cause. In other words, you need to know 20% of Spanish to be able to express 80% of the language.


For a beginner, learning 1000 Spanish words can be a daunting task. However, you need not mug these 1000 words in one sitting. Great results are achieved by starting small. You can perhaps begin to learn 100 words a week and progress over the course of 10 weeks! Although the 80-20 rule has been proven mathematically through the Pareto Principle, you must make sure that 20% of the Spanish that you are planning to master is the right one. To make your job easy, you can start learning these 1000 most common Spanish words


You can also consider recording yourself saying these 1000 words and their English translation. This way, you will be able to review these words even when you are exercising or doing your daily chores. Once you have these words memorised, the next step will be to start learning the most common verbs and tenses. Do not be intimidated. You need not absorb all the verbs or tenses but the very few which will allow you to make basic sentences. 

Read Articles

Reading a language has its perks. Not only are you exposed to a different world of literature, but you also get to notice the subtle difference between the spoken and written language. Now, I understand that reading an article in a foreign language seems like a pain. The best trick to motivate yourself into reading Spanish articles is by starting with children's storybooks. These books have the most simple sentence structure and will act as a stepping stone into the world of Spanish reading. Once you start advancing in your Spanish level, you will begin to realise that the language will have a different type of tone and sentence structuring depending on whether the article is a formal one (that is a newspaper, an official letter, etc.) or an informal one. The essential ingredient to progress towards performing well on your IB Spanish exam is by being consistent in your learning. Constant learning allows you to be your language zone. This zone is necessary for the initial days of your learning. Now only will this zone help you revise what you have already learned, but it will also play a crucial role in honing your language skills. Being in this zone is also vital for you to transition from thinking in English to thinking in Spanish.

Netflix And Songs For IB Spanish?

If you want to make language acquisition fun, you need to be creative. We live in a world full where content is available in different languages. Spanish shows, documentaries and films are a fun way to improve your language skills for your exams. Beware that the only way this will work is when you watch these shows in their original audio and do not cheat by enables English subtitles. It is best practice to use Spanish subtitles and jot down the words that you are unfamiliar with. The best part about learning Spanish is that there are so many amazing Spanish shows with a compelling storyline on Netflix. Money Heist and Narcos are the most popular ones. Furthermore, you can explore many Spanish artists and can get hooked to their music to improve your Spanish skills. I am sure you do not need to be familiarised with the famous tunes of Despacito! 

Get a Buddy For IB Spanish

The best way to practice a language is to speak it. Getting a friend with whom you can talk in Spanish is the key to mastering Spanish for your IB exams. Not only will it help you in preparing for your Internal Orals, but it will also give you a certain level of confidence which will allow you to grasp the language better. It will be ideal if you can find a friend who speaks Spanish in school.


There are also many apps which you can use to find people who speak Spanish. For instance, you can use HelloTalk to connect with Spanish speakers from all across the world. The best way to get the most from your language buddies is to use them to polish your skills. By 'use' I mean whenever you interact with your buddy (be it via text, phone call or handwritten letters), you should do so in Spanish. There is also a feature in your smartphone, which allows you to enable a Spanish keypad for texting purposes. 

Write To Improve your IB Spanish

No matter how much you dread it, you need to practice your writing skills if you plan on fulfilling all of IBO's requirement for language acquisition. Practising how to write in Spanish from the start will also pay off when you are working on your written assignment. Doing a written assignment in your second language can be a little challenging as it expects you to draw parallels between the cultural differences between the language's native land and your own. It is recommended that you start researching about the things which are common in both cultures as soon as you start learning the language. The earlier you start thinking about the elements of differences and similarities, the easier it will be to write a high quality written assignment.

Use The Right Resources For IB Spanish

It all boils down to having the right resources! No matter the effort that you put into learning a language, if you are not backed by premium study material, you will struggle with doing well in that subject. Nail IB has one of the best Spanish Resources, which will help you to ace your Spanish exams. These resources will not only strengthen your basics for the language but will also help you prepare for your Paper one and Paper two along with the Internal Orals and Written Assignment. Make sure you check out all the premium resources that Nail IB has to offer for Spanish.


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